The next prank.


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I’ve posted before about some of the things that The Cook does while working. Like hiding the bell. I could make endless posts about the corny jokes he comes up with. Lately, he’s been adding new antics to his behaviors.

On my way to pass through the double swinging doors, I saw the top of his head floating in the safety window. It wasn’t a part of the kitchen he’d normally have reason to be in, so I cautiously opened the door with my foot.

I actually thought he might be picking something up from the floor. There was more concern for hitting him with the door than anything else…

He looked at me, made eye contact, and jumped up from a crouching position. While throwing his hands in the air, he made some sort of weird noise. I think it was supposed to be his version of ‘Boo!’, but sounded more like “Aaaahhhhggg”. Only sarcastic, because he laughed the whole time.

Now imagine this kind of behavior happening on a regular basis, with a vastly corny attitude behind it. Welcome to my life in the kitchen.