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Normally I prefer to only write things that involve my job on this blog, and I save the rest for my other blog: Lampooning

Today, I’ve made an exception. Naturally, the more I use this blog site the more I expose myself to other bloggers. And even more naturally, I am exposed to them. In this never ending circle of exposure I have managed to find myself a few followers, as well as found blogs that I have deemed more than worthy of my own attention.

One such blogger ( why am I here in a handbasket )has nominated me for a ‘Lovely Blog Award’.

I am totally surprised and completely flattered. While I understand that my writings are at least tolerable and usually kind of funny, I never thought I’d stand out among my peers. Especially when some of them seem to follow many more bloggers than I do myself. This cute little way to gain recognition for our fellow bloggers is really nice, and I thank whoever started this.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I really hate to intermingle my blogs and which stories go where. I am justifying this post on my work blog for one simple reason: Diner Nights gets more readers than Lampooning, and since the whole point of this award thing is to spread the word about good writers, as well as thank those we like, I feel like bending the rules will be okay.

So without further delay, the requirements for accepting this award:

7 things about myself that haven’t already been discovered through my blogs:

*  I eat food as if I were experiencing pregnancy cravings. (Pretty sure I haven’t mentioned this.) My friends are constantly turning up their noses at some of the concoctions I make, or the combination of various food items on a single plate. It’s been like this my entire life.

* I love watching anime. Especially some longer running series like Bleach, Inuyasha, and Full Metal Alchemist. Some of my all time favorite movies are Howl’s Moving Castle and My Neighbor Totoro. The list of anime that I have watched and loved is entirely too long to post here.

* I get a tattoo every year on my birthday, and I started this tradition when I was 16. So far, that single day is the only day I allow myself to get work done. But one of my best friends is about to move out of state in 3 weeks, and we’ve discussed getting matching tattoos before he leaves.

* I used to read a thousand books a day, but the past few years I’ve found myself reading less.

* Sometimes, I really wish I didn’t work midnight shifts at all. My social life is practically non-existent, and friendships are hard to keep with the odd hours I work/sleep. Going out requires way more effort than I like to admit.

* I really hate making toast at work. Like, unreasonably hate it. If a person doesn’t ask for toast while ordering, I assume they just don’t want it and leave it at that. In my defense, I feel as though I won’t get in trouble though. A lot of people don’t even eat their toast, so if anything, I’m doing the place a favor and preventing needless waste. The customers who legitimately want toast ask for it.

* I wear ten rings, one on each finger, every day. I only take them off while I’m sleeping, showering, or sitting around the house. If I leave my house for any reason (even just five minutes!) I am automatically compelled to wear the rings. I feel naked without them. This has been going on since my freshman year of highschool, roughly 9 years ago.

It was much easier to think of those things than I thought… Though, at the same time, I had a difficult time actually coming up with one or two at the end. Most things about myself seem pretty insignificant.


The final step of award acceptance:

Nominate 15 writers who I believe deserve this award:

why am I here in a handbasket : Not just because she nominated me, but because I genuinely LOVE the unique way she posts. I really wish I had thought of it myself, and I plan to steal her style one day, for a post or two. I hope she doesn’t mind.

Keychanges: Reading his elegantly written blog posts makes me feel as though I’m sitting right next to him, and hearing the stories straight from his mouth. If I ever met this guy in real life, I’d be peeing my pants.

A Regular Pakistani Teenager’s space: I’ll never forget the first thing about this kid that caught my attention: A squirrel. If you read through his blog, you’ll eventually know what I mean. Ever since that day, I’ve found his writings to be rather enjoyable.

Charliecountryboy’s Blog This guy writes with the same sarcasm I speak with. As soon as I realized that, I was hooked. My absolute favorite from this one is the post involving the gradual decline in his intelligence, and how everyone needs to post signs for him so that he doesn’t forget how hot coffee is.

Sadly, I can’t post 15 writers. When it comes to finding quality material to add to my Reader, I FAIL MISERABLY. Honestly, I thought I was following a few more people than this, but it seems I was wrong. I will happily add people as I come across them.

But for now, those four writers should feel pretty damn good about themselves. Whichever post of theirs I read first, it was so phenomenal (in my opinion) that I instantly needed to see if more of their posts were awesome. And they were.

(Small side note. I’ve been thinking about combining my two blogs into one, and creating a separate page for my off-from-work stories. Thoughts? Suggestions? Please comment and let me know!)