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Valentine’s Day; Kiwi calls me around 8am, even though I had just seen her a few hours before that.

The owner of the diner was asking for me to come back to work. Apparently, things with the replacements (there were two) did not work out well. He was still mad that I had been told to not return in the first place.

Shift 1:

Every regular customer stopped and stared at me in my serving uniform. Shocked expressions, quickly followed by giant smiles and variations of, “It’s about time!”

“How long were you gone?”
“Five and a half months.”

“You’re here to stay right?”
“I sure hope so.”

Shift 2:
Watched a girl walk in the door, up to a guy. She slapped him. She left.

Thankfully, I over heard one guy tell another that he was going to “kick the sh*t out of this guy.” I waved down an officer who happened to just then be passing by. Successfully prevented a 3 to 1 fight. GO ME!

The Girls Without Personality stole my $10 tip.

There were several other happenings that I had wanted to share… I must have forgotten to add them to the draft of this post. Soooo……

*Discovered a few new Crazies, noticed a few others were missing but not missed.

*Had some teenager insist on tipping me almost double the check…. Only to find out days later she had stolen the credit card. (Lucky for me, I wasn’t the one who rang up that order!!)

*Made friends with a new breed of the Smurfs. We’ll call them E-Smurfs.

*Taught myself the Phonetic Alphabet. Why? Because.

*Watched another fight break out, damaged property!

Always something fun to watch at work… This coming summer should be interesting.