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The first meeting since my return to work was yesterday, and everyone had the same question. “Are you gonna show up for this one?”

I happily went. The diner was closed that night at midnight, so I didn’t have to work. Which is my only issue to begin with; the sleep schedule being interrupted. But that is all besides the point. Some empty containers had been brought into the room as visual aids; someone had been too lazy to finish or replace them.

One carton of chocolate milk, just a small amount left, was an ominous dark color indicating that someone had added too much chocolate syrup. The meeting leader shook the chocolate milk angrily at one point, then set it aside without another thought.

Some amount of time later, the sugar reaction (from being shaken around) inside the carton became too much for the plastic to handle. The cap flew off with a pop, spraying a little chocolate everywhere. Kiwi, Poppy, and myself had a little chocolate shower.