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While clearing a table along the windows the other night, I noticed that a car in the lot had obtained the amazing ability to grow a tree on it’s hood. Sure, the tree was laying on it’s side, roots exposed in a manner that would make absorbing nutrients from the engine difficult. But I have to give that car credit… The small tree was pretty healthy, and looked remarkably like one of our own.

Then I noticed how one of our planters seemed to be a little disheveled. Large hole in the middle where something seemed to be missing….

Kiwi called the local authorities, using their expertise to exam the car-tree. You know, make sure the thing was healthy. The officers decided that maybe the car hood wasn’t such a nice place for such a little tree. It took some coaxing, but he convinced the car owner to remove the tree, and fill that sad little hole in our planter.

It’s almost like that planter was designed for the little tree, a perfect fit!

Only later did I learn, the whole thing was a hoax. An angry (drunk) husband and wife set the whole thing up, amongst themselves during a little dispute.

Get it? Grown adults ripped our planter apart and threw the small tree (shrub?) onto a car. See how I made it into a cute little story instead? I felt it was necessary to mask how idiotically stupid it was of them to act that way.

Seriously. I’ve seen spoiled little teenagers behave with more maturity.